Local 189 Leadership

Our leadership is elected by vote of the general membership every two years. There are seven executive officers and ten chapter chairs. We may have up to three trustees with overlapping terms. AFSCME officers take an oath of service, and have a fiduciary duty to our members. This means we may only act in ways that protect our members' collective interests. Check out some of our executive board's values as discussed at our 2019 E-Board Retreat, presented as a word cloud below.

2019 E Board Retreat Values Word Cloud

Our union family is also supported by a paid staffer from Council 75, known as our council representative. Our council rep assists member leaders in the running of our union, including with bargaining and grievances.

Not sure where to start? You can always contact the AFSCME Smart Center to get linked up to a steward near you, to have quick answers to basic questions and to otherwise get directed to the right person.

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[email protected]

Executive Officers

Image of President Rob Martineau
Vice President
Recording Secretary
Chief Steward
Communications Editor

Chapter Chairs

Chapter: FPDR, Police PASS / Fiscal / Admin Services
Chapter: Water at Sandy River / Headworks, BPS, BDS in 2020 Building
Chapter: OMF Bureau of Financial and Revenue Services, OMF-BTS, OMF-CAO
Chapter: Water Customer Service / Interstate non Field Construction Support
Joe Spada headshot
Chapter: Civic Life, PBOT Parking Enforcement
Chapter: Water Interstate Field Construction Support / Districts / Stores
Michael Bornhorst headshot
Chapter: BES
Chapter: PBOT Survey, BDS Inspectors
Chapter: 9911 SE Bush, Police East
Wendy Heckard headshot
Chapter: Police Justice Center


Council Representative