Constitution and Policies

Along with each of AFSCME International's (approximately 3,400) locals unions, our local operates within the established framework of AFSCME International’s Constitution and policies.  We also draw guidance from the Constitution of AFSCME Council 75 (our state-wide union).  Those documents are a distillation of knowledge gleaned from lessons learned by AFSME members across cultures and generations and are an invaluable source of solidarity, resiliency and continuity. 

Likewise, Local 189’s Constitution and Policies are the products of lessons learned over more than 50 years of operating as a local. They guide us in the present, serving as the mutually-agreed upon structure under which the business of our local is conducted, while connecting us to past and future members.  Periodically, our governing documents are reviewed and amended to meet the evolving needs of our collective membership.  Proposed changes are only incorporated into those documents if they are approved by a vote of our general membership. The work of keeping these documents current, like most of the work done by and for our local, is done by members who volunteer to participate. If you’re in being part of this important work, please contact Committee Chair Minh Dan Vuong at [email protected] for information about when the next meetings are being held.