JoAnn Gillmer

Communications Editor

Having worked most of her 20+ year city career in exempt classificaitons (not eligible for union membership but also not management--truely, the worst of both worlds) JoAnn is grateful to have collective bargaining and solidarity in her corner now.  She is committed to helping preserve, for future generations, the hard-won contratual accomplishments of those who blazed the trail.  JoAnn was recently named to Chair our Political Action Committee through an election season which is as unpresidented and historic for Local 189 as it is for the City our members serve.  Prior to serving as our Communications Editor, she was our Local's Recording Secretary. 

Besides her roles in Local 189, JoAnn is Regional District 1 Vice President for Oregon AFSCME Council 75, where her committee assignements include the Polical Action Committee, Training Committee, Scholarship Committee and Convention Committee.  JoAnn is an unrelenting proponent of gender justice, fiercely determined to see the Equal Rights Amendment finally become law during her lifetime.