Bargaining News 2024-2025

Our current contract is set to expire on New Year's Eve  (December 31, 2024).  Based on responses to a survey that was conducted before bargaining began, Our Bargaining Platform articulates the values and goals that will be centered throughout negotiations for our next contract. 

 Bargaining Updates:

Member Actions:

  • Sign the petition!  As of June 25, all the articles which are going to be opened are now on the table and a healthy number of tentative agreements have already been reached.  (Great work, Bargaining Team!)  But now the "low hanging fruit" has been addressed and the hard work of negotiations begins in earnest.  MAT Team members are gathering hard-copy signatures on a petition to encourage the City's bargaining team to maintain the momentum and continue to bargain in good faith.  This petition is a strong, tangible demonstration of our local's solidarity and our ability to organize and mobilize in formidable numbers. The more signatures it contains when it's presented to the city, the more impactful it will be.  Our goal is to reach 100 signatures by the end of June and another 600 before August.  Contact your Chapter Chair or your MAT team to sign the petition (sorry, the document is not set up for electronic signatures).
  • Beginning May 14 and each scheduled bargaining day thereafter, members are encouraged to "be seen in green" (wear green and/or union shirts) as a show of solidarity with our fellow members who are representing us at the bargaining table.  Remote workers are encouraged to use "digital swag" to show their support.  If you'd like an AFSCME 189 background/Icon to display your on-line/remote presence, contact your Chapter Chair or a Member Action Team member. 

Get Involved!  

Our union is not something that exists apart from it's membership.  We--AFSCME Local 189 members, collectively--ARE our union.  And what our union can and can't accomplish at the bargaining table (or anywhere else for that matter) depends entirely on action and engagement from individual rank-and-file members.  Many hands make light work.  The more of us that get involved, the stronger we are collectively and the better outcomes we can acheive.  If you're watching the bargaining process unfold and you're thinking, "someone should....", ask yourself if that someone might be you

Right now, we need Member Action Team (MAT) members to help spread information about what's happening with their co-workers.  It's easy and it takes only a few minutes a month.  Working with a MAT team captain or a Chapter Chair, each MAT team member commits to simply sharing news coming out of the Bargaining Team with their co-workers.  (Ideally, it's one MAT team member for every 10 members.)  That's all there is to it.  If we need to take collective action at any point during the bargaining process, our MAT team members and captains will be the first to know the details (when, where, how) of that action.  If you're interested in serving as a MAT team member, contact your Chapter Chair.  You'll find their contact information in the "About Us" section of this website, under Leadership Info. 


Tenative Agreements