For years, non-represented Portland employees have watched the rest of city employees take their rightful seat at the negotiating table. This year alone, AFSCME members restored steps after Portland froze step and merit increases, won a 2.9% COLA increase starting January 1 and successfully fought to qualify for Oregon's Work Share program.

All the while, countless decisions have been made by the City without Nonreps having an actual say – decisions about your pay, your benefits, your job reclassification, etc. Right now, you don’t even have the power to protect your pay, benefits, and job classification from changing – and you won’t have that power until you choose to come together.

This is why AFSCME 189 members have negotiated the ability for ALL non-represented employees throughout the city to organize. Members have extended their contract with the City so that YOU can have a say in your wages, benefits, and working conditions. Portland employees have already begun organizing to represent themselves as AFSCME 189.

With a global pandemic will come looming budget cuts and layoffs. Don't wait until it's too late. Join the rest of Portland employees in having a strong voice in the workplace. And expect to hear more from your coworkers!

Call, text, or email your organizer TODAY with questions and for next steps. 

Kyra Exterovich-Rubin

(608) 695 -5694