DCTU Town Hall Bargaining and Mediation update - 8/19/2021

The bargaining team met with City Management last Thursday, 8/19/2021, in a mediation session proctored by Janet Gillman of the Oregon Employee Relations Board. We made progress on several articles — and even reached a tentative agreement on some click here for more details!

The co-negotiators from both sides are planning to meet this afternoon in a "side-bar discussion" with the mediator, in which we expect to receive management's response to our mediation proposal. The DCTU Bargaining team will then review, summarize, and deliver the proposal to members tomorrow evening. We will continue the format of a presentation to all members followed by Q&A as well as breakout rooms for the affiliate unions.

Understand that the time to be heard is now, and it is critical for members connect with their union. We expect the process to move more quickly from this point forward, so talk to co-workers and show your support. Visible actions — like wearing a button, using a DCTU meeting background and taking time attend contract updates —  are simple, yet powerful, ways to affirm your intent to be treated fairly by our employer at the bargaining table.