2021 DCTU Contract Negotiation Documents

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DCTU's Last, Best, Final Offer

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12/8/2021 Management's Supposal

12/8/2021 Management's Selective Increases

Tentative Agreements (Updated 11/30/2021)

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ARTICLE 1 - Recognition

  • 1.2 — Rehired Retirees: Hours worked cap has been removed, retiring employees in good standing shall be offered the opportunity to work for 90 days following official retirement date (up from 30). 

Article 6 - Job Security and Outside Contracting

  • — Formatting Changes.
  • 6.4 — The City shall now provide the Unions access to all procurement requests submitted to Procurement Services.
  • 6.4.3 — Removal of URL to allow for technological infrastructure changes without conflicting with Contract language.

ARTICLE 7 - Work Schedules

  • Added language so members can have a flexible work schedule.
  • Included language about teleworking and how to improve teleworking.

ARTICLE 10 - Reporting and Minimum Pay

  • Maintained current language

ARTICLE 11 - WOrking out of class

  • Alowed for a 5% Working Out of Class pay for working in non-represented roles.

ARTICLE 13 - Promotions

  • 13.5 — Expands the time in which an employee may voluntarily return to a previously-worked classification from three (3) months to the duration of the promotional probational period. 

ARTICLE 15 - Holidays

  • Added Juneteenth as a recognized holiday and allowed for ad hoc requests to be responded to within three days.

ARTICLE 16 - Vacation Leave Accrual

  • Reduced hire duration needed for new employees to use vacation benefits from 90 to 30 days.

Article 17 - Health and Life Insurance

  • 17.1 — Labor / Management Benefits Committee: City-Wide Labor / Management Benefits Committee member groups updated to reflect current membership and size, along with subsequent quorum changes.

ARTICLE 18 - Sick leave

  • Removed 40 hour limit on dependent care leave. 

ARTICLE 19 - Family and medical leave

  • Allows for paid family leave to be used intermittently.

ARTICLE 20 - Leaves of Absence

  • 20.2.4 — Military Leave A.) Provides greater access to paid absences related to reserve duty. B.) Continuance of medical, dental, and vision coverage in the event an employee's paid military leave is exhausted.

ARTICLE 21 - Civil Duty Pay

  • Created new leave bank specifically to address immigration and citizenship leave.

ARTICLE 27 - Wage scales

  • Maintained current contract language regarding reclassification.

Article 30 - Clothing

  • Removed the 90 day and six-month service duration requirements before an employee who is provided gear by the city can receive payment to be used towards the purchase of said gear. 


  • Allows for the DCTU to explore implementation of a Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association Plan (VEBA)